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Looking for support?  I'm so glad you are reaching out.

When we yearn for a more peaceful, connected, or relaxed way of being counseling can help. Perhaps you are seeking to resolve the suffering that is weighing on your heart and mind, or need help to shift dynamics in a relationship. Maybe you are reaching out for support for your family, your child, or for guidance in your parenting. Perhaps you are going through a time of transition, a health crisis, or feel lost and alone.

We all need safe, attuned companionship when we become overwhelmed or feel knocked off center, a place to tend to sorrow, fear, shame, anger, or numbness. In such circumstances we need a reliable place to reflect, restore, rebuild, and recreate. 

I'd like to help. I provide compassionate, innovative, effective support for individuals, couples, and families. I work with adults, teenagers, parents and children. I help people clear through what is getting in the way, so that they can develop lives and relationships which feel meaningful and growth fostering. I specialize in resolving anxiety, grief, depression, and trauma, and in strengthening relationships.

Finding the right therapist for the support you need and the personal work you want to do is important. 

I invite you to explore whether my approach feels like a good fit for you, through the information shared here, and through sharing a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.  



Find out more about how I can help you, including: my approach to counseling, methods, and credentials.

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menu of services

Discover the range of options for different kinds of support: individual, couple, family, and group therapy formats, trauma focused therapy, intensive workshops, and professional trainings for therapist development. 

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