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Hello there. I am so glad you are reaching out for support.

As humans it is our nature to develop, grow, and change through relationship. It is part of our biological template. 

When we feel overwhelmed, knocked off center, or tangled up inside, the kind and attuned support of another can help us find sturdy ground and clarity again. When we are seeking a new way of being, or yearn to heal and deepen our relationships, skillful companionship can help facilitate focused change. 

I'd like to accompany you, to help you explore the suffering you are experiencing, and co-create a pathway into change and transformation. Suffering is a part of being human; suffering tended can be a powerful doorway into new growth.

I am an innovative, playful therapist, who can help you explore your experience, rediscover the magic and intelligence of your own aliveness, and co-create deep change in your life. 

Perhaps you wish to create more healthy or engaged way of living your life, to develop your confidence, strengthen your relationships, or unravel anxiety, depression, and the legacy of trauma. Maybe you wish to reclaim your sexuality, grieve a loss, learn to set clear boundaries, reconnect to your body as a place of wisdom and pleasure, or find your voice.

I'd like to help you clear through what is getting in the way of your fuller being, so that you can enjoy this finite and wildly precious life of yours. 

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