Weekly Classes for Adults:

Support for Health and wellbeing

These offerings provide support for wellbeing, focusing on enjoyable resources that significantly improve health. These classes are not therapy, though they are immensely useful compliments to therapy work. They are designed for adults who yearn for community and wish to learn practices that support health in an environment that is sensitive to the challenges of living with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and additions.  These classes encourage soulful connection to self, community, and Earth; they offer neuroscience-based pathways to cultivate resilience, engagement, playfulness, creativity, belonging, and aliveness. Currently, these classes are capped at 10 participants: please preregister, to reserve a spot.

You can register online for these classes

The Weekly Resource Menu:

Ecotherapy, Improvisational Play, Meditation, Yoga, & Movement Resource


Monday Mornings:

EcoTherapy: Restoring our connection to nature

We adult humans spend much time being stationary, in cars and in buildings. In these conditions, we can become removed from our deep connection to nature. 

Research has found that mindfully reconnecting to nature is a profound resource to support our psychological wellbeing.

Experiencing life outdoors, nourishing our relationship with the more-than-human world, can offer great comfort, reassurance, connection, peacefulness, and strength.

In these ecotherapy sessions, we will spend time in the urban woods enjoying mindful encounters with nature; some sessions will explore relationship with Earth and nature indoors in the studio. 

This class will make use of walking, pausing, and practicing mindfulness in the woods, as well as gentle movement, art making, and practices to create a felt sense of community.


The details: 

Monday mornings from 10-11:30 am

The location for this class varies

Preregistration required

$20 per person per session

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Tuesday Evenings: two offerings


Katrina has trained in improvisation in movement, theater/drama, play therapy, and in singing. This class will explore improvisational play through the lenses of movement and drama/theater games.

The details:

Tuesday evenings, 6-7pm

Preregistration required.

$20 per person, per class.

Improvisational Play 

Play is invigorating. Play creates buoyancy in our mood and warms the soul that feels the pain of isolation and worry. Play stimulates the ventral vagal nerve, otherwise known as our social engagement system. This social engagement system shuts down when we do not feel safe. To learn to play again in the company of others is to learn to feel safe again.

In this class, we practice various simple approaches to improvisational play. Participants do not need to have any prior experience with improvisation in order to be capable of participating. 

This class is geared towards people who are working through anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and addictions. It is designed to be a rich support for healing isolation, fear, numbing, and restoring health through play.

Take the risk to play and discover greater freedom and levity.


Pause practice: meditation circle

This class helps participants develop capacity for calming, relaxation, equanimity, and patience, while reducing fear, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

It is unusual, in our culture, to slow down, pause, and simply be in the present moment without doing.  Living in a consumer culture, in the information age, we can become very noisy internally, with a busy mind racing to plan, purchase, organize, worry, and complain.

Meditation is simply a way to empty the cup of noise, little by little. 

In this weekly class, limited to 10 people, we explore and practice a variety of simple approaches for emptying the cup. You do not need to be a practicing meditator to take this class, nor do you need to be able sit on the floor. This is an opportunity to learn different ways to relax into and be with the present moment as it is.

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Katrina has been a student of mindfulness and meditation practices for the past 19 years.

The details:

Tuesday Evenings, from 7-8:10pm

$20 per person, per class

Pre-registration required


Wednesday Mornings:

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yoga, for renewal

Yoga is an ancient movement art, a way of resting into the body and quieting the mind to create harmony, focus, and inner stillness within movement. This class offers a gentle, fluid, somatic-psychotherapy-informed yoga practice geared towards people who are working through anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and addictions. 

Why yoga for renewal? Yoga is to the body, heart, and mind as a good watering is to a plant that has been in the sun awhile.

Katrina is a Registered Yoga Teacher.

The details:

Wednesday mornings, from 9-10 am

Pre-registration required

$20 per person, per class


Thursday Evenings:

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Katrina is a Certified Dance-Movement Teacher, also trained in Dance-movement Therapy and Movement-Based Expressive Arts.

The details:

Thursday evenings 7-8:30pm

Pre-registration required

$20 per person, per class

Wilder: movement resource

Human beings are living creatures designed for movement. When we are suffering we often become more still, immobilized, and frozen. Over time, we develop habitual holding patterns of tension and contraction, such as slumping, constriction of breath, or habitually pulling inward or turning partly away.

Movement fosters health for living systems. Movement helps us connect to the support of gravity and Earth. When we move, our bodies open and relax - the opposite of a trauma or anxiety or depression response. Movement is a powerful resource for unravelling physical tension, for release of anxiety, for calming, for creating greater suppleness and flexibility - which makes living more comfortable and pleasurable. Movement improves our cardiovascular health, our heart rate variability, activates our social engagement system, our aliveness, pulls us out of depression, floods our brains and bodies with nourishing feel-good chemicals.

Movement also connects us to rhythm, to rhythmic deeper breath, and to creative, playful flow states supporting psychological wellbeing. Movement connects us to rhythmic play with others, which creates a felt sense of belonging in human community. Movement helps us spread out to inhabit our personal space, lets us feel our bodies as sources of power, comfort, pleasure, and presence. 

Movement is a richly transformative resource.

In this class we will explore simple movement scores, games, and exercises for inquiry. No previous movement experience of any kind is needed to participate. All human bodies are capable of engaging in movement resource.