Areas of Specialization

I work with folks across the age spectrum, focusing on several particular areas of life challenge.



We are social creatures. We grow through relationships. We are hardwired to need social connection to thrive. Many of us have experienced deep suffering in relationships, and experience challenges in our contemporary relationships. I help people move through the content that holds them back in social connections. I help people create deeper, more loving, more mutually affirming relationships with themselves, their friends, family, lovers, partners, children, parents, and the infinite sacred.

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Anxiety, Depression grief & PTSD; symptoms related to Trauma, development, & attachment Injury

Anxiety & depression can make living a life extremely challenging. Unresolved, or complicated grief can be all-consuming. PTSD and complex trauma sequelae, dissociation from the here and now, these can lead to a deep sense of alienation, despair, and hyper-arousal or hypo-arousal that repeatedly hijack our functioning in daily life. I help people who are suffering from these conditions, to clear through the chaos and re-establish ground, center, calm, ease, relaxation, and connection. When we have lived through experiences and relationships that have been neglectful, denigrating, confusing, scary, or terrifying, we need focused support to heal these deep wounds. I help people recover from these deep, fundamental forms of suffering.

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Sexuality is one area of our lives in which many of us hold shame, suffering, fear, uncertainty, and confusion. I help people clear through the muck to root themselves into their own authentic expression. I help people reclaim their sexuality, reclaim their own rich sense of ease and inner power as sensual, alive beings. I help people heal sexual trauma, and help them learn how to be clear with themselves and others about their boundaries and about issues of consent and voice.