Somatic, creative, ecopsychology, + neuroscience.

I offer somatic, creative psychotherapy, rooted in ecopsychology and neuroscience, to help people heal and grow. I help people develop the foundation to flourish, creating movement from habitual, depleting patterns of compulsion, tension, fear, collapse, and constriction into pathways of greater flexibility, expansion, and ease. I help people envision and create the lives they would like to inhabit. I encourage embodiment, creativity, and deepening relationship with Earth.

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Somatic psychotherapy

We are embodied beings. Our thoughts, emotions, and bodies are parts of a whole - an interdependent living system based in reciprocity. When we feel emotions or think thoughts, our bodies respond. Our brain picks up information through our senses and makes meaning from that data. When our spine slumps, our emotions are influenced. When we chronically hold our breath we feel less energy, less vitality, and more anxiety, our 'fear center' of our brain responds. When we feel shame, we tuck our tailbones and duck our heads. When we stop exercising our mood plummets. If we repeatedly do not get enough sleep, we will likely feel more irritable, anxious, or depressed.

Somatic Psychotherapy offers the body a central place in the process of exploration, discovery, and growth. It enlists the innate wisdom of the body in healing and change. 

As a Somatic Psychotherapist, I help clients explore the wholeness of their experience - body, emotion, mind, and spirit - in service of developing greater ease, confidence, awareness, and freedom in navigating the world. 

This approach makes use of breath, gestures, movements, sensation, and 5 sense perception, in combination with emotions, thoughts, meanings, and memories. 

Through this methodology, clients learn how to make use of the wisdom of their bodies to navigate life and relationships. Clients learn how to recognize when they wish to say no or set boundaries. Clients learn how to regulate their activation level - how to move out of fear, anxiety, confusion, dissociation, and numbing, into a calm, alert, engaged, embodied state of being. In this regulated state we can be responsive, rather than reactive, and have access to increased creativity and choice in our interactions with the world. Through this approach, clients learn how to notice their needs for self-care and a host of ways to attend to those needs effectively. 

In these ways, Somatic Psychology is a powerful support for increasing our resilience and wellbeing.

I am trained in a tradition called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, which I blend with my training as a yoga teacher, movement educator, and my training in dance movement therapy. I invite you to contact me to learn more about how we could work with this methodology to support your growth and healing. And, you can also explore further here:

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Creative Arts Therapy 

Humans have always made art for self-exploration, celebration, in rites of passage rituals, and for healing. The creative arts are ancient, fundamental forms of evocative human expression.

Creative expression opens a door into the realm of discovery and direct experience. It can be both edgy and liberating for adults to allow themselves to play and express creatively. Creative expression can offer relaxation, containment when we are flooded, or a release for what is bound if that is what we need. It is versatile. Creative art therapy reunites us with our own generative life force and offers a rich tool for regulation of distress.

Creative expression is a way to meet ourselves and develop a relationship of deeply honest companionship with our inner world. It facilitates inner intimacy and a connection to the voice of soul. This relationship offers rich guidance for crafting a life rooted in what is personally meaningful.

As a certified art therapist, trained in sandtray, dance-movement therapy, movement-based expressive arts, and dramatic play, I weave visual art, sandtray, dance-movement, and improvisation in support of client growth and healing. 

I practice in a studio setting, with ample space for relaxed creative expression. 

I invite you to contact me to learn more about how these approaches can help support your healing and growth. To learn more about why creativity is such a useful and powerful tool in psychotherapy you may also explore further here:

Poetry is meant to be heard.
Mary Oliver


Over the past 20 years, neuroscience has increasingly opened doors into therapy treatment that creates real change. This continually evolving body of research composes the ground of my practice.

Neuroscience offers clear maps about the adaptations our brains make in response to overwhelming, stressful experiences, and about how to foster optimal human development, growth, and healing through relationships.

Throughout our lives our brains are capable of healing and growth. This is very good news.

Through practice we can generate healing in areas of the brain that have been impacted through past suffering. We can defuse old threat cues, create new neural pathways, and strengthen our capacity to feel safe and connected. Neuroscience offers clear maps for how to cultivate relaxation as a baseline, and foster our capacity for aware, playful social engagement. We can actually change our habitual patterns of response and cultivate more resilient communication between areas of the brain that perceive, feel, sense, and imagine, and the part of our brain that discerns, problem-solves, follows-through, and responds to daily life in a healthy and playful manner.


We are part of Earth. Our lives are woven into the web of relationships with the more-than-human world of this planet.

Our connection to nature, to Earth, is a fundamental aspect of our aliveness and of our health. 

Ecopsychology roots our human suffering and our wellbeing within an awareness this interrelationship. 

Being outside, feeling the wind and the warm sunlight on our skin, smelling plants and the earth, listening to birds, hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot or waves moving pebbles on the beach, moving our own bodies among the trees and rocks - this is a deep form of nourishment for humans which is supportive of psychological wellbeing and growth. I make use of this nourishment in my work with clients, and encourage and facilitate deepening relationship with Earth.

Climate change, our role in it and response to it, and it's many implications also evoke all kinds of feelings for us as humans: eco-grief, despair, fear, anger. 

As an ecopsychologist at heart, I attend to client interrelationship with Earth in a myriad of ways. Want to learn more? Contact me here