Solitude and Connection

Solitude and Connection - these are two rich, fundamental sources of restoration for us as humans. We are social creatures, our neurobiology is primed for relationship; and we also require time on our own to rest in the spaciousness of aloneness, to connect to our inner worlds, and connect to nature, in order to find balance.

When we are relentlessly busy with others we may come to feel inundated, depleted, frazzled, and out of touch with our own needs. When we are chronically isolated we may feel an existential alienation from others, as though we are not welcome, do not belong, have no place in community. 

Recreating the fluidity to play our range, from solitude to connection, is an incredibly potent source for wellbeing. When our habit is to disconnect from others, it can be edgy but transformative to experiment with reaching out and engaging friendship. Likewise, it can be edgy but growth-fostering to experiment with unplugging and spending time in our own company, and in solitude in nature, when our go-to pattern is stay busy in the social dance with other people. 

Where do you find yourself in this dance? What are your habits regarding relating to self and other, and are those habits spacious enough to allow you freedom and balance? How could you create an experiment in service of broadening your range? I'd love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below.