There is a welcome to be had in the wild, a sense of belonging that is like no other.

Each morning in the soft light and open sky there is a simple but rich gift offered - of new beginnings. There is an opportunity to start the day in a clearer congruence with the urgent but quiet intentions we hold deep in our hearts.

Each morning is another chance to begin again. Such generosity. No matter what has gone before, the many ways we have fallen short of our goals or ideals, each morning is a gift of a do-over.

The early hours are ripe for motivation and transformation. We can begin again. Again and again.

Lately, I have been marking the new day with a hike or a run in the woods. The sound of birds, the beauty of the sky and leaves dancing in the breeze, offers enthusiastic welcome to the world. 

How are you beginning your day? Are you making time in your morning for soul nourishment? What small simple ritual might help you pause and begin the day awake with gentleness towards yourself and others?