Movement is a Resource

Movement is a profound yet simple resource for living. Humans, like all living systems, are actually designed for consistent, regular movement explorations among one another and the natural world. We are elegantly designed for interdependent movement. We are an integrated instrument full of bones that speak to one another fluidly: bones that call to muscles and connective tissues, bones that speak and hum the song of bending, uncurling, stepping, reaching, holding, swooping, rising, falling. We evolved as long-distance, endurance athletes; yet -- most of us now spend many hours upon hours a day sitting still. Sitting still, with constricted breath, and bent over.

This pervasive constriction of instinct and healthy impulse for movement, breeds anxiety, depression, disconnection, alienation, and overwhelm.

And when we are unsettled, scared, lonely, fearful, flooded: we tend to become even more still. This freezing response can create a self-amplifying cycle.  

I share with you this video, exploring the simple yet profound power of movement, wishing to support and encourage you to move, to create simple, gentle movement, in order to release fear, confusion, and overwhelm.

As you watch this video, I invite you to move with me, perhaps let your body explore the movement resources of pulse and pendulation. In the process, perhaps you will discover liveliness, release, relaxation and greater ease or calm.