Therapy Groups for Adults:

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art therapy

This group offers studio-based practice and company in which to be reflective, curious, and inventive. We will explore different art materials, make use of prompts and themes as jumping off points for exploration, and have rich time to create and share.

Pre-registration is required. This is a 4 week committed group series.

$45 tuition per 2 hour session.


Roots & Wings:

movement, art, & nature therapy

for women

A sacred space for women to gather, cultivate connection to Earth and center, generate liberation from the shrunken self, forge fresh psychological space for new possibilities to grow within, and experience deep community.

Land into your body as homeland, a place of wisdom, guidance, and power. Deepen the intimacy of your relationship with you own being and with Earth. Develop embodied knowledge of your life-force as a doorway of belonging and creativity in the world. Cultivate honest appreciation for being alive, for who you are and the journey you have travelled, and move through fear about showing up more fully in your life.

This group facilitates honest, kind, felt community in support of transformative growth. We will work with creative, experiential approaches for discovery: art making, writing, movement, and ecotherapy. Our sessions will be held inside and outside.

Pre-registration is required.  This is a 6 week committed group series.

$45 tuition per 2 hour session.

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healing Social Anxiety

Learn how to regulate physiological activation in the midst of social situations, so you can feel more at ease while relating to others. Join us for this welcoming, playful, experiential and (actually) fun, skills-based, learning environment.

Pre-registration is required.  This is a 4 week committed group series.

$45 tuition per 2 hour session.