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WHAT & WHY (scroll down for when & where, and for the donation button):


Dance with a Purpose;

There is much suffering and cruelty among humans at the moment. Many people are living in fear and in real danger around the planet. There is tremendous division being fostered among people of different backgrounds, forces of exclusion and hatred are laid bare currently. Sometimes bearing witness to the cruelty and suffering can feel overwhelming, heartbreaking. In the face of the daily news cycle of grief, it is easy to feel powerless, hopeless, and immobilized.

Dance for Kindness

Co-creating concrete, focused pathways for social change is nourishing. It restores our sense of possibility, and our sense of agency - our ability to take further action. It also offers rich moments of solidarity, supporting our awareness of our collective power to develop alternate, more kind and interconnected ways of being together. Change happens through small, specific moments. Together, we can create tangible social justice, tangible change in the world, rooted in love and mutual welcome.


when & where:

Dance with a purpose;

Saturday, December 8th, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm

  • at Step 1 Dance & Fitness, at 1920 T Street, in Sacramento.

100% of the proceeds from this event will go to support a young female teenage refugee fleeing homophobic persecution in her home country, who is seeking to relocate to safety.

Come dance with me at Step 1 Dance & Fitness in Sacramento, pay what you can - $30, $100, $10 - pay what you can, & help change a teenager's life.

There is no need to have any particular previous experience, in order to participate. Just a desire to be helpful, to be kind, to be curious, playful, and exploratory through movement.

I hope you will join me there

dance for kindness

what will we do?

We will explore the theme of belonging, through simple movement scores.

We will start with a supported body awareness practice, support to land into our own creative movement and feel more supple and free in our movement expression.

We will then play with specific, spacious movement scores that help us explore the theme of belonging together.

We will dance with one another, we will dance in the riches of solitude together, we will weave a vibrant welcoming, playful community of kindness and diversity. We will start with pedestrian movements and unfold creativity together through honesty and simplicity, accompanied by gorgeous music from around the world.


DONATE, & DANCE FOR KINDNESS: purchase a ticket here

or, mail a check to:

Katrina Curry, at 504 Plaza Drive, Suite 110, Folsom, CA, USA, 95630, Dec 1 workshop

or, donate through purchasing a ticket at the door, on Dec 1st at the event.

You can even purchase a ticket if you do not plan to attend the workshop, but would like to support this young woman’s journey to safety - through paypal or mailing a check.